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Fmspankingamazons HEAD GIRL This virtuous Christian school
f-mspankingamazons: “HEAD GIRL.” This virtuous Christian school girl Prefect gives this naughty middle school boy a good … | Bad Boys' Finishing School in ...
The Head Girl is about to give you a slippering.
The new Head Girl. “I'm going to have to punish you. Would you mind coming here and bending across my knee please? I know it's embarrassing for you being ...
The Head Girl. “Jenkins! I might have known it was you! Pull
To cane or not to cane?
Sob, I'm sorry, Miss, sob, I'll be good
Bend over!
A spanking from the Head Girl is on the way.
After he had admitted everything and surrendered to the female private detective, she made him write his confession in full, before hauling his ass to the ...
Trousers off and crawl over here so I can cane your bare bottom hard! It will sting like crazy but you will learn to OBEY me!
Mature Female Authority - A lovely spanking outfit.
☺Mature Female Authority : This governess loves using her strap to spank the bare bottom of a very naughty boy!
A paddle made especially for men who get bored with education and spankings for women who can't dress and stand right
St Domina's Matron. Ready with a smile, a caring word and a slippering over
spanking-philosopher: “ hardassminion: “ 😊 ” First rule: No looking at. School Girl ...
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I looked deeply into my husband's eyes. There I saw contentment, affection, and commitment. He smiled and pulled me closer. We each whispered “I love you” ...
It is my profound pleasure to share with you the words of our friend Indiana. As she describes, she was somewhat reluctant to tell this story because her ...
little ...
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On Saturday morning, Randy and I planned to visit an outdoor arts festival. It was some distance away, but a friend was exhibiting so I wanted to be sure to ...
As the title suggests, Ask Bonnie is where I take reader questions and attempt to answer them as best I can. As you shall see, some are practical, ...
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Last week, Indy and I were recalling reading science fiction novels by Robert Heinlein. His stories were, I believe, my first introduction to erotic ...
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david said.
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Randy folded the cable in half with the hook-ends in his hand. He placed his left hand upon the center of my lower back, presumably to brace me for the ...
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Doc said.
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Happy Easter and Happy Passover! Spring has now arrived and with it lots of chores to be completed. I suggest we take a brief break and discuss a topic of ...
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I hope everyone is enjoying a weekend of peace and beauty, or if you're more like me, I hope you're getting a lot done! Either way, we have a fine question ...
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Search strings never fail to amaze us.
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I always said that any interviews I did for this blog would have to be unique and different. Several blogs already offer excellent interviews of various ...
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Even a guy knows that a skirt is a poor fashion choice for zero-g
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Hi everybody! I think we pretty much survived yesterday's changes to the blog. Hopefully, we didn't lose or damage anything valuable while striving to ...
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Hello, again! I hope spring has come to your town and you are enjoying beautiful weather. I'm sorry I was absent this past week, but real life sometimes ...
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Thursday, June 18, 2009
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CindysDave said.
Four Million
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A reader send me this interesting headline from Wordpress.
In honor of the occasion, I would like inaugurate a new MBS year-end tradition called Reeling in the Years.
Squitchee - The itchy/ouchie feeling a bottom gets about four hours after a serious spanking, especially when leather implements are involved
Common Threads: The Embarrassment / Fascination Paradox