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when my mom don't answer my facetime calls
Grumpy cat meme. Fareeha Ahmad · Disney Fun
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T. F. Y. M. W. ..yo girl says, "Go deeper!" but you've run out of poems.
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Hilarious Humor from Outer Space
I don't have any of those things..... (all around me are familiar faces)
Classic Memes aren't funny anymore
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13 Tattoo Memes That Are Permanently Funny
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how do make pee come out your butt?
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don't you mean the Lean Square?
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Ordinary people carry guns and don't take crap
You all deserve better, just know. Mom is always wrong about memes Funny ...
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This is me
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ριηтєяєѕт // χ¢αѕѕутαуℓσяoχ ☹
ғσℓℓσω мє: @Rollody
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