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THREE HANDS 19 in Gray Buddha Figurine Grey in 2018
THREE HANDS 8.5 in. Buddha Figurine, Grey
THREE HANDS 19 in. Gray Buddha Figurine, Grey
THREE HANDS 24.75 in. Gray Buddha Figurine, Grey
THREE HANDS 8.5 in. x 6 in. Gray Resin Sitting Buddha Figurine in Black
Three Hands 8.5" Sleeping Buddha With Candle Holder in Gray
Three Hands Buddha Figurine
Design Toscano Jolly Hotei Laughing Buddha Asian Decor Garden Statue, 25 Inch, Polyresin,
Alpine GEM170 Buddha Statue Decoration, 16" Tall, One Size, Gray
Three Hands Vitarka Buddha Mudra Sculpture
KINDWER Serene Meditating Buddha Statue, 20" ...
Grey Buddha Garden Statue, Cast Stone Position Du Lotus, Cast Stone, Buddha Statues
Three Hands Sitting Bhumisparsha Buddha Sculpture
Bronze Colored Buddha Statue in Earth Touching Pose
Cast Stone Lotus Buddha Statue, Charcoal
Three Hands 24 in. Resin Sitting Buddha Statue
A black stone head of Buddha Thailand, Mon Dvaravati period, 8th/9th century
Grasslands Road Mini Buddha Figurines - Set of 2
Three Hands 28 in. Resin Standing Buddha Statue
6 " -Three Hands Set Of Three Buddhas Sitting
Three Hands Buddha Figurine
Three Hands Ceramic Elephant Tabletop- Silver
Three Hands Buddha Table Decoration
A rare and important gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Tibet, Early 15th century
THREE HANDS 17 in. x 7.25 in. Elephant Table Top Decoration in White
Happy Buddha Statue
PeterIvan Buddha Fountain - 11in Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain for Home&Office Decoration, Decorative Sculpture with
A grey schist figure of a seated Bodhisattva with kalasha, Gandhara, century - Alain.
A Grey Schist Figure Depicting Standing Buddha (92.7 cm) | Lot | Sotheby's
A rare and important gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Tibet, Early 15th century. 08 juin 2018
Volcanic Ash Peaceful Buddha Statue
The Buddha ...
Bellaa 21178 Buddha Statues Happy Baby Laughing Sculptures Joyful Monk Meditating Set of 3 Figurine
Seated Buddha, British Museum 1.jpg
Grasslands Road Happy Praying Buddha Statue Figurine
JB Premium 3in Happy Buddha Statue/Laughing Buddha Figurine/Idol. Made of Poly
A Grey Schist Standing Bodhisattva, Height: 36 3/4 in. (93.4 cm), Ancient region of Gandhara, Kushan period, circa 3rd-4th century. Photo: Sotheby's.
Seated Praying Buddha Figurine
Happy Buddha Figurine in Sandstone Finish, 3 Inches
Burmese Shan Crowned Alabaster Buddha Statue Early 19th Century Buddha Temple, Buddha Buddhism, Buddhist
Auctionata / Paddle8 offers rare fasting Buddha sculpture
Three Hands 8 " Set Of Three Jars With Lid in White - l6x6x8 * m
ARCHatlas Buddhist Symbols, Buddhist Art, Contemporary Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Surrealism, Guanyin
Siddhartha Fasting From Shotorak, Kapisa, Afghanistan grey schist H: ca. 18 Kabul Museum, Kabul Photograph taken in 1970
He Huifeng
century rare Shan Royal King Alabaster Crowned Buddha Statue - Second Innwa (Nyaungyan) period in royal regalia, hand gesture Bhumisparsa Mudra (earth ...
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Serene Grey Garden Buddha Statue Grey Gardens, Back Gardens, Outdoor Gardens, Buddah Statue
Antique Lotus Buddha [Material: Wood] [59 cm high] [19th century
Buddha head In limestone with traces of calcification - Northen Wei Dynasty (386–534
Gold and red Buddha statue
A Buddha statue (left) containing a mummified monk (CT scan right) was
The Myth of the Historical Buddha
Three Hands 16 in. Antique Resin Kneeling Buddha Figurine
Exceptional Buddhist gilt-bronze figures lead Bonhams' Fine Chinese Art Sale in London · 3
Three Hands Rust Metal Wall Decor Mirror
Touch Legendary Fertility Statues in Myrtle Beach at Ripley's
Lot 1026, Standing Buddha, grey schist, Gandhara, Kushan Period, 2nd to 3rd Century, 62 inches high. "
Simone McCarthy
A massive Ming gilt-bronze figure of a seated Shakyamuni Buddha sells for US$30.3 million · 3
Abstract Mother and Baby Statue, Bronze Finish
Handmade Volcanic Ash Forgiving Buddha Satue (Indonesia)
A magnificent and extremely rare polychrome wood figure of Water Moon Guanyin, Liao-Jin dynasty (907-1234)
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Buddha Altar Statue in Three Parts with Hinged Panels
Buddha Statue, Khmer Style - Cambodia - Second Half of 20th Century
Elegant statue of glazed and matte porcelain portrays the Buddha meditating with his hands in a
Cast ...
Three Hands Pig Family Table Top Decor
Rare Yongle bronze figure sells for over $1.3 million at Bonhams New York sale
Calming Medicine Buddha Statue, 5 Inches
A rare and important gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Tibet, Early 15th century. Hauteur: 46,5 cm. (18 ¼ in.). Estimate EUR 300,000 - EUR 500,000 ...
Amida (Amitayus) Buddha, the principal Buddha in Pure Land Buddhism, Japan,
A depiction of devotees worshiping the bowl, Gandhara 4th century CE
Auctionata / Paddle8 offers rare fasting Buddha sculpture
Chinese characters "Xu Donghui" are carved on the Buddha statue in Beijing. Photo
Granite Color High Density Resin Virgin Mary Statue
A rare and important gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Tibet, Early 15th century. 08 juin 2018
100+ Alien Abduction Stories That Will Make You Believe | Thought Catalog
Lot 1036, figure of Buddha Shakyamuni on a lion throne, bronze, Tibet, 14th Century, 12 3/4 inches high
Footprint of the Buddha
Buddha Child on Elephant
Black Buddha Decoration
One Of The Largest In Japan - The Great Buddha Of Shōhōji, Gifu
One of the largest Buddha statues in Japan
... Buddha Sheltered by a Naga ...
Walking Elephant 12 3/4" High Silver Statue
A fine gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni on a lion throne, Tibet, 14th Century. Height: 12 3/4 in. (32.5 cm). Sold for 975,000 USD at Sotheby's New ...
Inner Light, in Reading, UK
Three Hands Corp Vase
Buddha statue silver
Footsteps of the Buddha: Masterworks from Across the Buddhist World | Sotheby's Selling Exhibition | Sotheby's