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Robert Loggia Walt Disney39s Nine Lives of Elfego Baca Cast The TV
Robert Loggia Walt Disney's Nine Lives of Elfego Baca Cast The TV Western reigned supreme in the Fifties and Sixties. There were about 120 of them depending ...
The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca
Robert Loggia as Elfego Baca.
... Cast Photo
The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca Poster
Oscar-nominated actor Robert Loggia dies at 85 - Appeared in three episodes of the Rockford Files
Robert Loggia Dead
Robert Loggia Dies: Oscar-Nominated 'Jagged Edge' & 'Scarface' Actor Was 85
THE NINE LIVES OF ELFEGO BACA - Robert Loggia - Lisa Montell - Publicity Still.
Actor Robert Loggia attends the 10th Annual Ella Awards 25 April, 2001 in Beverly Hills
Robert Loggia as Elfego Baca. Walt Disney Presents (1958, Disney)
Robert Loggia The Sopranos39 Actor Robert Loggia Dies Aged 85 TV News
Walt Disney Treasures - Elfego Baca and The Swamp Fox - Legendary Heroes
Beginning: He started his career back in 1958 - he is seen here in a
Robert Loggia plays Elfego Baca, a New Mexican who's quick on the draw.
In bringing this story to television, Walt, knowingly or not, introduced what was likely the first Mexican-American hero into the homes of America.
Ralph Taeger - Hondo Old Western Movies, Hot Cowboys, Tv Westerns, Lucille Ball
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Robert Loggia as Elfego Baca on The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca television series Robert Loggia
Elfego Baca And The Swamp Fox: Legendary Heroes / Elfego Baca And The Swamp Fox
"Wagon Train" The Jose Maria Moran Story (TV Episode 1959) - IMDb
Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez, the cocaine smuggler, in Scarface, 1983.
Davy Crockett (TV miniseries)
Kasutaja Beverly Garland : Her Life & Career foto.
Robert Loggia
As Philip Conroy, Mike Hammer: "Bride ...
Tombstone Territory (TV Series 1957 - 1960 ) Tough sheriff Clay Hollister keeps the law
Yellow Rose of Texas tv show with Sam Elliot 1983-1984, Nightime soap opera involving The Yellow Rose which is a 200,000 acre ranch in Texas operated by the ...
Disneyland - 6.05 - The Swamp Fox: Brother Against Brother THIS was one of my favorites as a child.
... TV Western's second season. The above clip reveals significant plot details, so watch it and read this post only if you're OK with spoilers.
He later starred as the proverbial cat-burglar-turned-good circus artist, Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat, in a short-lived detective series called T.H.E. Cat, ...
Dragnet ...
4 A Different Drummer
Peter Pan's Flight debuts at WDW
Date of Birth: 3 January 1930, Staten Island, New York, US Birth Name: Salvatore Loggia Nicknames: Robert Loggia
A Robin Hood figure was made and presented since the video was out, it could be used for Euro Disney and seemed very universal.
Unfortunately, outside of the bootlegged video world, T.H.E. Cat has been rarely seen since its 1966-67 run on NBC. Unlike some other one-season wonders ...
NBC 1962-63 Wide Country: Earl Holliman & Andy Prine Andy Prine from Jennings, Florida
In the fifties and sixties, many television series featured a darker hero, a cool intelligent fearless man of action, and a jazz soundtrack to highlight the ...
Yellow Rose of Texas tv show with Sam Elliot 1983-1984, Nightime soap opera involving The Yellow Rose which is a 200,000 acre ranch in Texas operated by the ...
Big Stars on the Small Screen: Leslie Nielsen as The Swamp Fox | The Movie Rat
Tom Tryon (“Texas John Slaughter”) and Jan Merlin (“Rough Riders”) pose together at a 1958 charity event. The pair had previously worked together on “ ...
Robert Loggia as Elfego Baca, New Mexico lawbreaker turned sheriff,and later lawyer advocate for the Hispanic community. With Audrey Dalton.
... through the TV series, which ran for nine seasons on NBC, from 1962-1971. In its early seasons the TV series also filmed regularly on the Iverson Ranch.
... featuring Franklin Canyon — and also featuring that whistled theme song that at least one generation of TV viewers will never get out of our heads.
Nick Cage....Civil War-era celebrity doppelgangers or immortal vampires?
Movies shot in Cerrillos
It may come as a surprise given that "Star Trek: The Original Series" was all about exploring the universe, but the TV show rarely ventured outside the ...
Laura Albert, who plays Linda in the movie, had a series of acting roles before moving into a career as a performance driver, stunt performer and stunt ...
Classic TV Detectives Blogathon banner
Loggia ...
my three sons coloring book cover
Alec Sloan
... begin full-time acting until he was in his mid-20s, he started with stage work, television appearances and uncredited screen roles, and was soon cast as ...
Wild at Heart (Mexican TV series)
China Girl (1942 film)
Welcome M1LL10NS
In 1980, Loggia joined the ranks of the Directors Guild by guiding Jack Klugman through an episode of “Quincy,” for which he received an NAACP nomination as ...
Iverson Movie Ranch: Off the Beaten Path: When the "Bonanza" gang rode into the Bell Location Ranch
Hollywood Casting Across the Racial Divide
Peggie also had a regular role as saloon owner Lily Merrill, love interest for John Russell's Marshal Dan Troop, from 1959-1962 on "Lawman," another TV ...
Products will be available at retailers nationwide with key retailers such as Target, Toys 'R' Us and Wal-Mart displaying merchandise from varied categories ...
The fire can be seen at the right, and above the tiger's head are the propane tanks used to fuel the fire.
Harryhausen's stop-motion techniques brought to life a variety of creatures -- mythical and otherwise -- including dinosaurs, visiting aliens and, on at ...
Movie made million dollars despite fact that over 50% of US citizens had already seen it on TV.
Gale's filmography includes the noteworthy Iverson Movie Ranch feature "Quantrill's Raiders" (1958), along with the late '50s TV shows "Trackdown" and " ...
Hilari Scarl
On a return visit to the site, I was able to positively ID the same rocks seen in "Annie Oakley."
Robert Loggia
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead
Antonio "Tony" Camonte (Paul Muni), a.k.a. "Scarface", ...
"Dilemma at Diablo": Tagg at the Reflecting Pool on the South Rim
It's no great Western, and it's certainly not Robert Taylor's finest, but it rattles right along in a 50s sort of way and is enjoyable.
An unusual entry in Iverson Movie Ranch lore is the 1986 movie "The Tomb," directed by Fred Olen Ray with a cast that includes Cameron Mitchell, ...
... You can just feel the love between menacing loan shark Sykes (voiced by Robert Loggia
A section of the Spahn Ranch set at Corriganville — now being dismantled (photo by Jerry Condit)
The huts noted above appear again in one of the lobby cards. The incorrect attribution of this shoot to the non-existent movie "The Amazonians" in "Quiet on ...
Plus ...
The terrain surrounding the group appears hand-picked to suggest the stark, perilous nature of the American West. Each corner of the frame, in its own way, ...
Vice Ganda filmography
My guess is a stuntman was brought in to do the actual climb, although actor Bob Kortman, already a veteran of many Westerns by 1926, may well have done the ...
... A függetlenség napja 1996 - Rendezte: Roland Emmerich #9 ...
Lobby card for "Stagecoach" showing stops along the coach's route
Off the Beaten Path: The Barkley family mansion and barn in "The Big Valley" — and where in tarnation did they drop off Miss Kitty in "Gunsmoke"?
In what begins as a parody of the popular TV series Dragnet, police detectives "Thursday" and "Al" are on spy detail... when they get a call, ...
"Daybreak" in Chatsworth: They're still making movies at the Iverson Ranch
Steve Kaplan (entrepreneur)
The same site in 2014, photographed by Jerry Condit