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Oregon sunstone has arrived BEAUTIFUL ROCKS t
Oregon Sunstone, I've never seen such a lovely specimen, gives me a new appreciation for this mineral
Faceted Oregon Sunstone Pink Schiller by Rogue Lapidary - just decided I love these stones and wouldn't mind some jewelry with it :)
A beautiful specimen of the Oregon Sunstone. This piece contains a beautiful schiller which appears to be glowing. Schiller Effect is copper platelets in ...
Check out the streaks of schiller in this Oregon Sunstone!
Raw Sunstone Crystals. These red Oregon Sunstones display the beauty of color found in this locally mined gem. DFJD of Bend, OR.
Check out this gorgeous red Oregon Sunstone with Schiller. Schiller can be seen at just the right angle with the light and is copper platelets inside the ...
Oregon Sunstone. A beautiful example of Schiller with blues and greens. The front face
This striking shield-cut Oregon sunstone is truly a one-of-a-kind gem. It combines beautiful orange-red bodycolor with glittering copper inclusion accents.
Oregon Sunstone Killer Color Concave Cut 11 70 Carats Color Shift | eBay
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Mike Stahlberg, The Seattle Times
Oregon Sunstone 2_3
Oregon Sunstone gemstone - I think there is a soft spot in my heart growing for
Raw Sunstone Crystal. This beautiful bicolored Oregon Sunstone has streaks of schiller (copper platelets
Oregon Sunstone
Oregon Sunstone 3.69 ct Gold And Peach With Slight Green JA
16.34cts Certified Oregon Sunstone, Top Brilliant Cut, Untreated
Raw Oregon Sunstone (Oregon's State Gemstone) - These beautiful pieces will soon become raw Sunstone pendants in the near future! DFJD of Bend, OR.
Oregon Sunstone
He applies the same financial acumen to sunstone as he would to any other commodity; “A kilo of red is worth twenty thousand dollars…we've got 25 of them in ...
Oregon Sunstone Gemstones
My best weekend ever digging for Oregon Sunstone in southeast Oregon.
Oregon sunstone
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oregon sunstone
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What Causes The Color In Oregon Sunstone?
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Rio carries faceted round, oval and princess cuts of the Savannah Sunstone.
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Lako. What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?
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Natural Oregon Sunstone / Feldspar Rough, Fair Quality, # ST 5209
Jeff Scovil photographs All That Glitters large ruby
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71.59ct, 4 stones Red Oregon Sunstone Rough
Moclock brought this huge thunderegg from Opal Butte for the GSOC crowd to ogle.
Oregon Sunstone Certified 3.2ct Light Yellow with Orange and Green Flashes
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22 May Mirage in the Oregon Desert
Responsible Mining in Oregon
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Oregon Sunstones Summer Prospecting Adventure
Moclock shines a light through this dichroic faceted and carved Oregon sunstone gem.
71.59ct, 4 stones Red Oregon Sunstone Rough
Opal_Sunstone_Pendant 1-2016.JPG
Oregon Sunstone w/ beautiful red schiller in the shape of a volcano 1.8ct
We recovered this nice specimen of zoned sunstone crystal in host basalt after it passed through the wet trommel. You can see that the crystal was ...
This image highlights the diversity of colors to be found in Oregon sunstone. Rough gem
GEOLOGIC CONTEXT. In eastern Oregon, sunstone ...
Three Occurrences of Oregon Sunstone
Checkerboard Cut Oregon Sunstone Earrings With Pink Rose Cut Sapphires
What Causes The Color In Oregon Sunstone
Malachite & Chrysocolla purchased on eBay (at a very low price) before Chrysocolla became
Oregon Sunstone Certified 6.93ct Gold and Medium Peach JA2
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Check out this beautiful cut Oregon sunstone! The orange accents the depth of the green
#Repost @capucinnejewelry ・・・ Just can't get enough of those beautiful
oregon sunstone
So this beauty arrived in the post this week. It's a magnificent 1.83cts.
Since we'd never heard of sunstones before, we weren't exactly sure what we were looking for. Last night, we did a little internet searching and watched a ...
Radiant Step Square Cut Sunstone, Oregon, U.S.A., 1.96 Ct. cts
All That Glitters Oregon Sunstone trip, 2008
Oregon sunstones faceted brios finally listed in the shop! Link in bio.
Juicy red sunstone
The directions to the Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area were well marked. They had signs pointing the way.
... forum below on the Weddingbee boards and one of the posters suggested a “closed rub over setting” for any stone under a 7 in hardiness. However, that is ...
This is what it's all about: Kilos of gem-quality rough remain after a Dust Devil production run. Photo by Duncan Pay.